Sherry’s Snow-skin Mooncakes

Since moving back to China, I’ve had the chance to meet and teach a few overwhelmingly earnest Chinese university student who want nothing more than to improve their written and spoken English. I’ve… Continue reading

Cucumber and Corn Salad

After trying my hand at cooking a good deal of Hunan food, I’ve found that pretty much anyone can cook Chinese food. And I’m not just saying that to appear humble, either. Most… Continue reading

Candied Bananas

During my three-week teacher-training orientation in Changsha last year, my volunteer organization provided me with a Chinese teacher who quickly became more of a friend than an educator. Ken (his self-appointed English name)… Continue reading

Stir-fried Tomato and Eggs

The Hunanese take their chili peppers as seriously as northern Minnesotans do their lefse and lutefisk. Any dish native to Hunan is usually cooked with a few dabs of spicy oil and enough… Continue reading

Magic Pot Place: Spicy Pot

A few weeks ago, I asked my seventh-graders to describe Chenxi, the place where I have been living and teaching for the past eight months. The responses were a myriad of negative comments;… Continue reading

Mushroom-fried Tofu

I’ve picked up a few habits in China that will be hard, if not impossible, to break once I return to the States. Just after spitting and littering on every street corner I… Continue reading

Green Onion Pancakes

If I had little concern for my health, I would eat breakfast food for every meal: blueberry pancakes for breakfast, challah French toast for lunch, buttery croissants for mid-day snacks, Belgian waffles for… Continue reading

Stir-fried Eggplant with Green Beans

If you embody any of the physical stereotypes of a Westerner and you’re thinking about traveling in and around the great, chicken-shaped country of China, you’ll need to know the Mandarin Chinese word… Continue reading

Purple Jiaozi

Homecomings have always reminded me of my parents’ cooking: grilled salmon, roasted asparagus, freshly-bought French bread with copious amounts of butter. Perhaps it’s because my return flight to America has just been scheduled… Continue reading

Chunky Tomato Sauce

I am not, in any way, ancestrally Italian. The closest I come is when I’m playing as an overalled plumber squashing Goombas and attempting to save his helpless princess. Not coincidentally, I know… Continue reading